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My Reports Tab Default view once you login to the platform
Reports in the first folder will display

The platform provides users the ability to create and name folders to store reports by clients, types of reports or your own custom naming convention.

creating a folder

Creating a Folder
  • All reports must be in a folder
  • Chose “New Folder”
  • Type desired name of folder
  • Click Submit

Your new folder should appear on the left hand side of the screen
You can edit the name of a folder at any time by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the folder name
To rearrange the order of the folders on the left hand navigation, drag and drop folders into new order
Reports are sorted in each folder by report type-Follower and Tweet

report types, metrics and data

Custom Upload Report

Custom upload reports analyse a defined set of Twitter users. Reports are based off of the defined audience, not their followers.


How often do your reports get updated?

  • Tweet Reports are updated daily. Follower reports are updated on demand by the user

How often do you refresh your DB?

  • We make sure every data point in our DB is no more than 3 months old.

Do you have full Twitter firehose access?

  • Yes, via DataSift. We have access to every Tweet ever made since January 2010.

Do you analyze the entire Twitter audience or do you base your report on extrapolations from a sample thereof?

  • We look at every single member of the audience in our analysis.

Can you run reports on historical data?

  • Yes, by request.

We leverage over 60 data source, most are listed here:

  • 43things beboblogger blogspot brightkite buzznet dailymotion delicious diigo epinions facebook flickr flicster fotolog foursquare googleplus identi ilike instagram intensedebate jaiku joost lastfm linkedin livejournal magnolia misterwong mixx mybloglog myspace oneforty pinterest plancast plurk profilactic quora seesmic squidoo stumbleupon taltopia technorati tribe twitter upcoming veoh vimeo vox xanga yelp youtube zoomr
Follower Report

Follower report analyses the followers of a defined account.

Historical Report

StatSocial can run Tweet Reports for dates back to January 2010, an additional fee will apply.

Report Metrics

What does the multiple in your reports mean?

  • The multiple is a quotient for comparing the value of a metric in our reports to the value of that same metric in the baseline population, set by default to the global Twitter average. For example, in the demographic section of a Follower Report, if you see in the breakdown by sex a multiple of 2 next to “males,” that means you have twice as many males (as opposed to females) among your followers as does the average Twitter profile, and so on and so forth.

What is the baseline in your reports and what does it mean to change it?

  • The baseline of our reports is set to “Global Twitter” by default. That is the demographic all the report’s metrics are compared against. If you want to compare your report’s audience against another average Twitter demographic, you may do so by changing the baseline through our interface, to: U.S., any of the 50 states or top DMAs, Canada or any of its provinces, or the UK. If, for example, you set the baseline of a report to NYC DMA, all the report’s metrics will be compared against the average value among Twitter accounts from the New York metropolitan area. This might be particularly useful for a Follower Report about a local NYC-based business.

Can I create my own custom baseline?

  • Yes, custom baselines are available for subscription customers. Please contact to get started
Tweet Report

Tweet reports analyze the audience tweeting about a hashtag, Twitter account, defined keywords, or sharing a link over a defined amount of time. Once a Tweet Reports is processed updates reports are delivered to the user daily, weekly and in aggregate (report start date to current date).

creating reports

Creating a Custom Upload Report

Chose “New Report from the left hand navigation under the desired folder
From the Follower Report tab, click the icon next to “If more than one, click the + sign”
Upload your CSV, the name of your report will automatically be the name of your CSV file
Click submit
The report will show up under the folder and will display as generating

*CSV file must be an excel file saved as a CSV. Each Twitter handle should be a separate line, no “@” should be included in the file. The CSV can include all Twitter handles or all Twitter IDs, not both.

Creating a Follower Report
  • Chose “New Report” from the left hand navigation under the desired folder
  • Follower Report is the default option when the window pops up
  • Type in the name of the Twitter handle you would like to analyze
  • Click Submit
    The report will show up under the folder and will display as generating
Creating a Tweet Report

Select “New Report” from left hand navigation
Select Tweet Report from the top of the window
Enter the hashtags, keywords, accounts, or links you would like to track
Multiple terms use Boolean search
There is a maximum of 6 terms in the platform, if you would like to track more than 6 terms, please contact StatSocial
Create a title for your reports
Define a time period to track the terms.
If you would like to track historical dates, please contact StatSocial
Click Submit
Tweet reports create daily, weekly, and monthly reports as well as an aggregate for the entire time period



Male/Female breakdown of the report audience


Breakdown of age according to Nielsen age ranges. Age can be displayed by gender by clicking on the Male, Female tabs.


Average Tweets per Day
Calculated based on the timestamp of the user’s last 3,000 tweets.

Most Recent Tweets (Follower Reports only)
Calculated from the timestamp of the user’s last tweet. This is a rolling aggregate-the users that tweeted in the last 24 hours have also tweeted in the last 48 hours.


Breakdown of Ethnicity based on census logic.


The Top 5 cities, states, countries, and Nielsen DMA’s are displayed in the platform. The complete list of locations can be viewed in the CSV export.


Personal income based on location and job title

Based on what college/university a user reports they attend/attended. The explanation of tiers is in the platform and examples of each are below,
Tier 1 Harvard, Oxford
Tier 2 NYU, Duke
Tier 3 LSU, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Tier 4 Buffalo State University
Tier 5 Community College

affinity metrics

Affinity metrics

Calculated from your social media activity (likes/follows) and tweet content


Includes over 8,000 consumer and B2B brands organized in high level categories-with the Top 3 brands in each category displayed on the right hand side. Top 100 is based on individual brands.


Includes over 22,000 celebrities and social influencers, categorized into industry. Top 100 is based on individuals.


Categorized based on the IAB Taxonomy, 25 high level categories, 350 sub-categories. Top 100 view is based only on sub-categories, high level view includes Top 3 sub-categories on the right hand side.

TV Shows

Includes 1,100 TV shows, categorized by network, the Top 100 is based on individual show.

exporting reports

Exporting Reports

Reports can be exported in a PDF, PPT, or CSV file.
Click “Export in the upper right hand corner
Select the file type
If selecting PDF or PPT format, select which section of the report you want to export
“This Section” will export page of the report you are currently viewing
CSV files will download immediately
PDF and PPT files will be emailed to the email registered to the account

Filtering Reports

Filtering Reports

Reports can be filtered by a demographic data point- gender, age, location-to analyze a specific segment of an audience.

1. Open the report you wish to filter

2. Select the drop down filter on the upper right hand of the report named “Report Filter”

3. Select the filters you would like to apply to the report. (note: when filtering by location, users can only choose one location per report)

4. Name the new report

5. Click Submit. A new report will immediately start generating in the same folder as the original report



Manage your account under the “Settings” tab
Change email by typing in new email, click submit
*This cannot be an email already associated with another StatSocial account
Change password by typing in new desire password, click submit



What kind of languages can you process in the reports? Do you employ language detection?

  • Follower and Custom upload reports are based off of twitter user names or ids, therefore they are not limited by the language used by an individual account.
  • Tweet reports are limited by latin characters and punctuation.
  • Transliteration is used for geographic identification. Our systematic transliteration allows StatSocial to map city names, regions and countries from one language to latin letters supporting our geographic identification capabilities.
  • StatSocial does not employ language detection.

personality insights

Personality Insights Powered by IBM Watson

StatSocial has partnered with the IBM Watson team using cognitive computing to add over 50 personality insights to the social user. These insights are delivered through StatSocial reports. This partnership addresses the need for smarter targeting, as businesses can use these insights to guide highly personalized engagements and interactions to better tailor their products, services, campaigns, and other communications for their audience.

Personality insights are defined by IBM Watson and determined by 1000s of social post per user. Each user receives a score for per personality trait based on the content they are producing. Individual scores are compared to the audience at large to easily identify top traits.

To learn more about our Personality Segments please see this example on “Targeting Consumers by Personality Type“.