How often do your reports get updated?

  • Tweet Reports are updated daily. Follower reports are updated on demand by the user

How often do you refresh your DB?

  • We make sure every data point in our DB is no more than 3 months old.

Do you have full Twitter firehose access?

  • Yes, via DataSift. We have access to every Tweet ever made since January 2010.

Do you analyze the entire Twitter audience or do you base your report on extrapolations from a sample thereof?

  • We look at every single member of the audience in our analysis.

Can you run reports on historical data?

  • Yes, by request.

We leverage over 60 data source, most are listed here:

  • 43things beboblogger blogspot brightkite buzznet dailymotion delicious diigo epinions facebook flickr flicster fotolog foursquare googleplus identi ilike instagram intensedebate jaiku joost lastfm linkedin livejournal magnolia misterwong mixx mybloglog myspace oneforty pinterest plancast plurk profilactic quora seesmic squidoo stumbleupon taltopia technorati tribe twitter upcoming veoh vimeo vox xanga yelp youtube zoomr