Report Metrics

What does the multiple in your reports mean?

  • The multiple is a quotient for comparing the value of a metric in our reports to the value of that same metric in the baseline population, set by default to the global Twitter average. For example, in the demographic section of a Follower Report, if you see in the breakdown by sex a multiple of 2 next to “males,” that means you have twice as many males (as opposed to females) among your followers as does the average Twitter profile, and so on and so forth.

What is the baseline in your reports and what does it mean to change it?

  • The baseline of our reports is set to “Global Twitter” by default. That is the demographic all the report’s metrics are compared against. If you want to compare your report’s audience against another average Twitter demographic, you may do so by changing the baseline through our interface, to: U.S., any of the 50 states or top DMAs, Canada or any of its provinces, or the UK. If, for example, you set the baseline of a report to NYC DMA, all the report’s metrics will be compared against the average value among Twitter accounts from the New York metropolitan area. This might be particularly useful for a Follower Report about a local NYC-based business.

Can I create my own custom baseline?

  • Yes, custom baselines are available for subscription customers. Please contact to get started